Cappuccino Tales

Welcome to Cappuccino Tales. 🙂

Short stories of no less than 500 words plus poetry for your reading pleasure and I invite all comments/critiques!!!

I hope you enjoy them.



Birds, Bees and a Beagle

I was an innocent nine year old skipping to the woods to pick bluebells for my mum. My older brother, the reluctant chaperone, lagged far behind me. As I reached the corner of the street a black and tan beagle trotted amiably towards me and I reached out my hand to stroke him. His tail wagged in delight as I tickled his ears.

 “Good doggy, nice doggy” I cooed.

By this time my brother had caught up with me and urged me to hurry up so that he could get back home to do less irksome things than babysit. I turned away from my furry friend but as I attempted to continue my adventure he leapt onto my back sending me crashing to the ground. My hands slapped the pavement hard and I felt the skin break on my knees. The beagle shoved his wet snout between my legs and began to snort.  Dazed and breathless I attempted to pick myself but once again my four legged assailant sent me sprawling and I could feel his slaver on my neck as he danced frantically on my back.

“Help me” I screamed.

My long, dark bunches were shaken loose. I could not see  my brother through the mass of dangling hair but I could hear him laughing. I began to cry pitifully, fearful of the dog that I believed was trying to bite me, but mainly at my brothers’ cruel reaction. After what seemed an eternity the beagle leapt off my back yelping in agony from the blow of Matts boot.
Sitting on the kerb I examined my torn knees and picked out the little stones embedded in my palms. My brother sat at my side and put his arm lazily around my shoulder. At first I wanted to punch him for laughing at me but I forgave him as I always did.  Then he leant towards me and whispered softly in my ear.

What a sight I was when I burst into the house. Dishevelled, bleeding and sobbing hysterically I threw myself into my mothers’ arms. She stiffened and the colour drained from her face. Slowly she knelt down and put her face to mine and, fearing the answer, gently coaxed me to tell her what had happened.

I wailed and sniffled my way through the whole story about the naughty beagle and my horrible brother but before I could finish my mother let out a twinkly laugh and pulled me close enveloping me in her ample bosoms.

“There, there” she clucked “Everything’s fine now sweetheart, no damage done”.

Fearfully I looked into her smiling face knowing that I had to tell her everything and praying that she wouldn’t be angry.

“But mum you don’t understand,” I whined.

 “That horrible dog was dancing on my back and Matt says I’m ruined now because that means I’m going to have puppies.”


Prayer for the Hungover 

Give me the strength to make it out of bed
To move my aching bones out of this nest
To stop the evil throbbing in my head
And cough up last nights smoke from off my chest 

Give me the grace to make it to the door
Before my stomach has the chance to rise
And guide me as I blindly cross the floor
Congealed mascara welding shut my eyes 

Give me the dignity to hit the bowl
And not get any splash back in my hair
Pray I have a good supply of loo roll
And help me find my missing underwear 

But most of all please promise not to laugh
At “naked stranger” snoring in the bath. 



A Love Story 

You crushed my skull 

with relish. 

You drank fetid tears 

and the stench 

ignited your rave. 

You ate me, 

your rose on it’s pyre 

You pounded my flesh 

with meticulous barbed wire, 

you peeled me away 

You skewered my chest 

and your words dove in. 

You scraped out my carcass 

sucked me up, shat me out 

and dismembered the shell. 

You stole me. 



Carve me a heart 

of gold. 


Place it in a box 

of steel. 

Lock it. 

Bury the key 

in molten lava. 

Give me peace 

or death. 

I care not which.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca
    Jul 01, 2010 @ 21:45:03

    Ha that is brilliant! I love the line at the end. I really felt sympathy for the poor girl through that story. Nasty beast of a dog! Keep them coming!


  2. Susanne
    Feb 19, 2011 @ 15:19:23

    Hi Kate,
    Birds,Bees and a Beagle is brilliant. I really like your style, looking forward to reading more from you. xxx


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