Time To Shine. The 2nd Anniversary Blog Post

Two years (and three days) ago I set out on an exciting journey to create my personal writing blog. Back then my situation was easier, I had more clarity and va va voom. Little did I know that, within a few short weeks, I’d be stepping onto a personal rollercoaster that would throw me into a maelstrom of fear, pain and despair.

It is hard to look back on that time. The losses, the prejudice, the self-abuse and the crippling depression that led to my relationship breakdown but I made it. There are episodes I just have to accept and grieve over and move forward. Yet there are others where I can stand proud at my tenacity and courage. I have fought for my children, my relationship and, at one point, my life. And I won.  As a result, I’m in a calmer, happier place than ever before.

My health is fractured but not broken and I’m not the same person as I was simply because I chose to be a better one.

As for writing, I realise now that this is my final challenge. Fear is what holds me in check. I fear success, even in small measure. If I do it right then I have to do it right over and over again. That’s a massive undertaking. But so is life and haven’t I already climbed higher mountains?

It’s time to shine.


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