You did what???

I received a link from the lovely Nick Daws, author of numerous books, short stories and courses (including Write Any Book In Under 28 Days!). Well worth a visit

The link concerns a current competition being run by Candis Magazine to win a 12 month writing contract. The main requirement for this position is the ability to  ‘craft your day-to-day life into sparkling prose’. Even more incentive for me is that this is a paying gig. So I duly sent off my details and the required information. Here’s the link

Then the doubts started to creep in.

My regular readers are fully aware that I don’t lead what could be remotely termed as a conventional family life. I have three grown up children, two non-resident daughters and am the single parent of my youngest. It dawned on me that, should I be successful, I could be laying myself on the block. Do I really want to invite criticism and scorn to my door again?  For a woman who has spent the better part of four years hiding behind a false name, a blog and a Twitter account even the tiniest bit of exposure is daunting. Yet, in spite of the fear, I have done it.

Go me!!! 🙂


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  1. Nick Daws
    Jan 11, 2011 @ 23:26:09

    Thanks for your kind comments about me, Kate. And hey, I’m really pleased you’ve applied for that gig. Obviously, it’s not down to me, but I reckon you’d be perfect for it. Go, Kate, go!


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