I’m beginning to think I am rubbish at this blogging malarkey. I even missed my own 1st anniversary in July.

Saying that, it has been a busy time for me. You may be pleased to know that I’m back on the up with regards to the emotional rollercoaster. My ex-husband and I finally ‘sacked the judge’ and are arranging all contact between ourselves inclusive of our daughters. I also got a job which has injected some routine and self-esteem into my life (and hopefully my bank balance).

Writing is still proving a little irksome. I’m not as productive as I’d like to be despite my new-found ‘talent’ for the erotic genre. I have been doing a lot of research though (interpret that as you wish). 🙂 I’m also struggling to keep my comping up to date but these annoyances are due more to my lack of organisation and innate procrastination than any major outside influences.

On the whole I’m in a happier place than I was a couple of months ago so expect some chances in the tone and content of this blog. Right, who’s up for another slice of filth…err I mean erotica? Keep your eyes on Latte Nights. More coming soon (pun totally intended).



Oh….you thought you were going to read a Confession did you? Like I said, keep your eye on Latte Nights. 😉