Part II (unedited)

The first room I enter in the gallery is China – Journey To The East and I laugh out loud as I’m greeted by a waving, golden cat. There is an exhibition of 15 photographs by Yan Preston capturing mainly domestic scenes of Yorks Chinese community. I like their colour and simplicity and the way tradition and modernity are fused together seamlessly. You can check out Yans site here.

There are also some fascinating Chinese artefacts on display and I was amused to learn that, in 850, alchemists attempting to create a potion for Eternal Life stumbled instead upon gunpowder. The irony is not lost on me.

I wandered through three more rooms entitled Sacrifice, Courage and Status (more irony) and did not pick up a single syllable. Perhaps an Art Gallery is not the best place to eavesdrop. It’s too damned quiet.I did not go to the upstairs exhibitions. I shall save that for another day.

As I step outside back into the heat of the day I reflect on my lack of success. Even here where people are jabbering away I cannot piece together one single sentence. Their conversations are distorted by the sound of the traffic and the splashing of the fountain. I feel disjointed/detached from life.Not just at this moment but every moment. A sense of reality, of being grounded eludes me.

Two more hours until I collect our son. Too many hours until I see your face again.

I decide to take a short walk on York Wall.


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