Part 1 (unedited)

I’m about to go into York Art Gallery to eavesdrop on an unsuspecting public. A little project to distract me from thoughts of you. I left our son playing happily at nursery, the sun is beating down and I’m trying to ignore the barbed sting of psoriasis skin. 

The heat reminds me of the story of the Sun and the Wind who challenged each other to remove the man’s coat.


It’s my story too. I’m trying to find my way back to you, not by force but through warmth and peace. To rekindle the love you once held in your heart but got lost in the storms that blighted our four short years together.I must be patient, I must push my fears down.


What if you find another? Someone else who will set your heart alight….someone without the baggage? I wear my newfound single status like a hair shirt, invisible to the world yet silently and constantly pricking me. Why am I not comfortable in my own skin?


Onwards to the Art Gallery.


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