Disjointed Thoughts

Unedited scribblings at the end of our story.

Beneath a benevolent tree the sun strokes my hair as I contemplate my fate. Like a wronged queen in a distant tower.

You will return and cut me down, your words the blade, the death knell. Yet how I long for my Grim Reaper and long for the sanctuary of his arms. How I long for mercy where no quarter is given.

I’ll make crepe paper hearts and cast of my malaise in the hope that you will recognise me. The woman you once loved….still love? Then all will be well.

The sun begins to burn my knees. It comes and goes like my hope. Hope is tossed in the breeze like my hair, made red especially for your return. You like red hair.

I bought sushi. The last supper. The I tried to write but words failed me. The empty sushi box mocked me. abandoned seeds drowning in soy. What such a short while ago had looked and tasted so good now ruined. Reduced to ugly consumer packaging. A facade.

There is wisdom in trees. They work hard to plant solid roots. They have the patience to recognise that Time will allow them to grow. How they must weep at the folly of humans. We little people so impatient, never taking the time to allow ourselves to be nurtured…. and to nurture.

Twisting nature to our own desire, arrogantly challenging Time. How foolish we are, Time will always win. Yet regardless we push on, harder and harder until the bough breaks and down, down, down we fall.

Is that us? Is that how you and I came to this?

I’m making crepe paper hearts for when you return and my hair is red. You like red don’t you?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca
    Jun 15, 2010 @ 06:45:23

    This is so beautiful, and yet so, so sad.


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