Have you ever had a ‘Eureka’ moment? They’re fantastic aren’t they? I had one on Sunday. I’ve decided to become a full-time writer and comper. Let me explain.

I haven’t done any paid work for quite a while. Two miscarriages and the resulting mental health problems have severely dented my confidence. On top of that a pre-existing medical problem has resurfaced. I have psoriasis on the soles of my feet and my palms.

Many years ago, after years of visits to doctors & specialists, I decided to blow £400 of my student loan on Chinese Medicine. Three weeks of acupuncture, herbal foot baths and numerous pills later I was amazed.  I could finally walk and pick up a pen without tearing the skin. The accompanying depression lifted and I got my life back.

Four years later  it’s back, hardly surprising really given the battering my health has taken recently. So I’m on a mission to raise the money for more treatment. But how?


I’m going to enter competitions, pray I win and sell the prizes or, in the case of writing competitions, bank any prize money I get.

Of course, there are no guarantees that my plan will work, you may even think I’m a bit of a dreamer, but what’s the alternative? If I do nothing I may never be able to hold down a job again. Who wants to employ someone who can barely walk?

At least this way I can claw back some dignity, find some enthusiasm and I’ll have hope. It’s got to be better than the half-life I’m living now. 🙂




She still breathes within us

 Her form shall not diminish

 In our hearts

 She still lives within us

 Her presence will remain

 In our souls

 She is the honour

 Bestowed upon us


Baby Steps

Life turns on the spin of a coin. Despite our best efforts we cannot control everything. The only thing we can really do is accept what has already happened and move forward.

 It is the inability, not the ability to accept, that is the weakness. By denying what is we poison our souls. How is that the stronger way?

Acceptance is not a failure, it is a step toward the future. Take it gladly.