My Christmas…Raw!!!

I begin with a heavy heart. I wont apologise. I miss Sam. He should have been here . He’s dead…end of. Don’t give me your sympathy or words of wisdom,it makes no difference. Excuse my spelling mistakes and my bitterness. I will not harness my feelings just to make you feel better. What I will give you is this… live, just that…LIVE.!!!

I have so much to live for and have so much crap  I have left behind. I feel better for it …but….when you face unnecessary loss it is so hard.

OK …enough. Give your loved ones a tighter hug soon…and don’t let Christmas be the excuse.

P.S This is the song that breaks my heart but encapsulates what I feel about my son. Don’t click this link.


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  1. Leah
    Dec 20, 2009 @ 16:19:23

    Having lost a child myself, I understand your bitterness and pain.

    You’re right. Sympathies and words of wisdom don’t make a difference. Not really. They make the other one feel better, perhaps.

    But life does go on, and we have to make the best of it and live while we still can.


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