The Twitter Effect

I’m currently in a self-imposed exile from Twitter. I spend so much time there that I have to brush cobwebs from my chair every time I move away from the computer. It’s not all Twitters fault though, professional procrastinators can always find new and ingenious ways to practise their craft. In fact, if we were as committed to writing as much as we are to avoiding it, I’m sure that the literary world would be drowning under the pressure of our contributions.

I’m sure my postman thinks I am related to the Rockefeller’s. Every day for the last 3 weeks he has rung my bell in order to hand over my latest package unaware that all the books are free gratis. The anticipation of receiving my freebies makes butterflies breakdance in my stomach. The experience is almost erotic, though I’m not sure the postman would agree. I mean, me standing there in fluffy, pink pyjamas looking like Alice Cooper’s slightly younger sister can hardly be a thrill for him.

But I digress, (no change there then), now it’s time to get down to the business of actually reading my stash and, more importantly, writing up the reviews. The book pile waits patiently on my bedside table and the notepad and pen are poised. Time to switch off the computer, switch on the kettle and work.

And I will….right after I take a sneaky peak at Twitter…just a quick look…honest!!!


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  1. Ivana
    Sep 21, 2009 @ 18:12:17

    Oh, dear, me and my postwoman fully understand you. Though I don’t tweet so much. But my postlady has even given up ringing the bell-she just leaves the package on the steps-if I’m not faster to open the door and scream at her : “What took you so long?!”


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