The Bad


On the “Bad” side I shall be brief so as not to spoil the upbeat mood. My ex’s threat turned out to be a Damp Squib. Having contacted his solicitor he discovered what everyone else already knew…that he does not have the authority to decide that I cannot have contact with my precious children…that is in the Judges hands. However, he has done the next best thing by whisking them away on “holiday” with very little warning. As a result, it will be a month before I see them again and I’m heartbroken. He has also cited my extended stay in hospital in May, due to the loss of my unborn son Sam, as evidence of my being “non-committal” to the contact order. Words fail me. 😦



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  1. Ivy
    Aug 16, 2009 @ 16:20:55

    I’m sorry to hear that…I’m going through a divorce at the moment, the battle for custody is pretty gorry though there’s no chance he’d get my boy…I can’t believe someone would use such arguments like a hospital stay against you…hold on, for your kids…I’m sending you good vibes~~~~~and a big hug wrapped in a sweet pancake!


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