Changing Perspective

I thought I would share with you an article I found on my many travels around the internet. I have kept these words of wisdom for a long time and refer back to them when I feel my resolve slipping. I hope you too can draw some strength from this


For any one here who has had a bad past the truth is  it can be changed somewhat .
The events do not change , but how you see it will be

How you think/believe or see the past is how you were ( in a way ) guided to the present and therefore it shapes your future . 

For example:

Ian is in his twenties .
He has been abused as a child and bullied all the way through his schooling .
No one really is particular about him and rarely invite him to parties .
Ian is always depressed , feeling bad and, although he has always been a good person, no one treats him right.
He lost an army career and was made homeless twice and believes that no one loves him .
( I think you get the general idea )

This outlook upon his life is exactly what holds him in the same routines every day which is why he gets more and more depressed as time goes by .

One day Ian looks in the mirror and suddenly experiences a paradigm shift and, out of nowhere , he recognises a different truth .

Ian was so strong as a child — he survived an abusive childhood and came out tops . His schooling was nothing less than an emotional / mental and physical survival course to which he came through and survived . Even adults would not be able to put up with this in their work place and would have particular rights and protections that help them , but Ian now recognises that he had none of these luxuries. Ian made it on his own .

His army career may have been lost , but that is not the point , he was chosen and he made the training which he passed. There is no shame in being medically discharged during an event .
He survived being homeless twice and made it with no one to support him , no friends or relatives .

After realising this truth , Ian became somewhat stronger inside and began to respect him self more .
The people around him began to chant and curse saying that he had changed for the worst .
But Ian realised another truth
They didn’t like him this time for a good reason

That reason was:

that he didn’t take any more crap and left those folks behind because they were not worth it in the first place .

Now Ians outlook on his past is different , his present has changed. Now he can do things he never thought he could do , all because he realised that the past can be changed , not the events themselves , but his perception of those events.

We can shape our reality with our minds and if we can control our past ——-we can control our future 
It needn’t be a bad past ——–it is just a past , it’s how you see it that shapes it .
Many thanks to Tracker for allowing me to reproduce this article.
Until next time


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