Let Battle Commence.

I share with you today a fine example of how writing can be abused. It is a simple matter to “jig” a few points about, to allege, to quote things completely out of context and use controversial language in order to be sensationalist.


Taken from this angle it would be hard to see how any reader could be objective. Ask yourself this, do you believe everything you read in the papers? Are you aware that the truth is oftentimes buried so deep that only the discerning reader can access it?

The reason for my indignation is simple,

this story is about me.

Now the battle begins.

I have decided that my right of reply will not take the form of  brash, heated debate but quietly with the stroke of the pen.

I begin work on my book today and it will not only contain the true and honest account of the situation but will stand as a lasting testimony to my children of my love for them.

Watch this space.


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