No Cappuccinos for Kate :-(

Well it has been a terribly tight month and, as it draws to a close, I find myself scanning the deepest, darkest recesses of the cupboards. My personal challenge for this week is to buy in enough for 3 main meals and 5 lunches for two and a half people on a budget of £12. All social events have been cancelled until further notice so no cappuccinos for Kate I fear!!! 😦

The one advantage to writing is that it costs me next to nothing to do it. The downside however is that  it means that I rarely get to venture outdoors. Time to dust off the flask and the lunch boxes for some cheap trips to the park with Pesky Kid

Just to clarify, Pesky Kid is the affectionate name for our son and heir. It originated from my time in the labour ward when, two days before Christmas, a midwife (wearing rather bizarre flashing reindeer earrings) attempted to distract me from the excruciating pain by putting Scooby Doo on the TV. “And I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t have been for you pesky kids” was the last thing I heard before screaming out for the pethidine.



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