The Art of Procrastination

After spending countless hours, not to mention pints of blood , sweat and tears setting up my blog, I find that I have been struck down by the dreaded Procrastinators Syndrome. 

Beware fellow bloggers, it is highly contagious. Symptoms include:

1) a strong urge to sit in ones pyjamas all day

2) over-usage of the excuse “oh, I’ll do it tomorrow”

3) spending excessive hours on Face book

Should you begin to experience these symptoms you must shut down your computer immediately and go for a long walk. This will release chemicals in your brain to help combat the creative fugue. Upon returning to your computer you must then log in to Dr Wickeds’ Write or Die application ( and free-write on Kamikaze mode for at least one hour!!!

Oh, and please remember to change out of your PJ’s before you embark on the aforementioned long walk. Failure to do so may result in total embarrassment.

naked man


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