Poetry and Penguins.

What a busy week!!! Our website is up an running now at  http://kateboardman.co.uk/ , Nic is busy posting articles on Squidoo (please check  it out and rate him at http://squidoo.com/tunisiandreams) and I’m writing my first blog.

Today was Pesky Kids’ last day at pre-school. Deep joy. Seven whole weeks of trying to find interesting (and hopefully free) activities to keep us both occupied. Luckily the Netmums website (www.netmums.co.uk) is full of ideas and information. My social diary is looking very healthy at the moment. 🙂

On Monday I met my Creative Writing Tutor in Borders and begged her for some “homework” as my creative urge has been a bit sluggish lately. She obliged and gave so many  tasks I almost wished I’d kept my mouth shut. Monday being Nics’ day off, I had every intention of  starting my homework straight away only to get distracted on setting up the website and blog. Well…it is sort of writing isn’t it? 😉

Tuesday was a complete write off (pardon the pun). Pesky Kid was in a major pester mode and I felt as though my head was going to explode at any moment. The only joy I had that day was when I logged on to My Writers Circle (http://www.mywriterscircle.com) and read the complimentary reviews on my poem and short story. The members are really great people who are always willing to help out be it with motivation, information or critique. Be warned though, this is not some clap happy, feel good critiquing…it’s the real deal and not for the fainthearted.

Wednesday wasn’t nuch better. My plans were literally rained off and poor PK had a bit of a dodgy stomach. 😦 Our picnic in the park was reluctantly cancelled. I tried to get some words down on paper but it just wasn’t happening so I worked on the website again and then lost myself on Facebook. I really should nip this Facebook fetish in the bud…I mean, how am I ever going to win the Nobel Prize for Literature if all I’m doing is discussing baby poop online? 

Thursday started off promising. I was made admin on two Facebook sites and spent the whole morning setting up and coordinating local events. I’m now also a member of York Flash Mob Creative Geniuses (more on that when the website is up and running). When PK arrived back home from pre-school I was subjected to an hour of Pingu…(I hate tha bl***y penguin), but then (oh joy of joys) I substituted it for the animated movie Surfs Up and he watched the whole DVD from start to finish. Ok, I am aware that Surfs Up contains lots of penguins too but they are not annoying little sh**s like Pingu. That evening I finally forced myself off Facebook and did some freewriting for an hour. One thousand words later I went to bed feeling like I had actually achieved something. 🙂

Until Monday.




Please leave feedback on my blog, I would appreciate it so much. Any comments/criticisms are greatfully recieved and will assure me that I’m not just talking to myself!!! 😛


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  1. martcibe
    Jul 18, 2009 @ 21:50:12

    Welcome to the blogging world Creative Genius You ! 🙂


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